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- The Dormitory for International Student
- Application Guide and Description Book


we send you an invoice by e-mail within 2 weeks after receiving your application form. Complete the payment to the.

 designated make bank account by remittance.

  - Plesae make a payment before you enter the dorm.

  - Bank remittance charge is not included in this bill. Any remittance charge must be paid.

  - Don not forget to enter the residents's name and personal code when transfterring money.

  - If it is difficult to make a payment is advance, it is payable by cash only when you sign a contract.

3..Signing a Contract

As our rule, sign a contract at our office before entering the dorm.

  - We explain important points of contract and dormitory regulations. it takes about 30mins-1 hour.

  - Contact us in advance about date and time of your visit.

  • Office: Kyoritsu International Foundation

  • . 4F, 18-8 Sotokanda2-chome, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,101-0021 JAPAN

    . Open Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00AM-5:00PM (weekdays only)

  • Please bring the required documents below:

  • . Passport

    . Student ID card or Acceptance Letter

    . Resident card

    . Head-and-schouldes photo (2pieces within 4x6-5cm)

    . Personal seal(if you have)

    . Contract money (if you have not paid yet)

    4.Preparation for Entering the Dorm

  •   Please confirm the route to the dormitory.

  •   Even if you do not speak Japaese at all, please learn some greeting and pronunciation of your name in Japanese.

  •   In case electronic device such as smartphone are out of btteries, you sould bring prined map.

  •   Please bring these daily commodities.

  •  . a pair of slippers (no outdoor shoes allowed in the dorm.

     . bedclothes (if you do not lease them)

     . toiletries (shampoo, toothrush,soap,towel,etc.)

    5.Entering the Dorm

  •   Please let us know your expected arrivaltime)available form 9am to 6 pm) by previous business day.

  •   if you arrive way behind schedule, please make sure to let us know.(On Saturday,please call the dorm directly .

  •   because our office is closed.

  •   When you arrive,be the first to greet managers and introduce yourself.

  •   Give the manager "Seikatsu-Kirokubo" after completing your contract signing.Recevie a room key and an explanation

  •   facilities, and check the condition of your room.

    6.Other important Points

  •   Cancellation: if you would like to cancel your application before entering the dorm and completing the contract

  •   Signing, please let us know as soon as possible. * There is no cancellation fee.But as for leasing,cancellation or

      change must be done more than 7days prior to the entry date. Cancellation after the arrival of the rental goods to

      the dorm will result in a charge of collection. We can not refund your rental fee in any case.

  •   If you arrive at night because of airplane delay,please call the dorm manager and stay at a hotel overnight.

  •   We highly recommend you to visit at least one dorm before applying and signing a contract.Please give us a call to

  • make a reservation for dorm visit at least a day before the visit date.

  •   You may not choose your room and floor number.

  •   We do not provide special meals even for religious or food-allergenic resons.Please take care of yourself.

  •   You may not choose your room and floor number.

  •   We cannot accept your cancellation after entry to the dorm for nay reason(eg.being defferent from you image,far

  • school,etc.) in that case, early termination application is required.


  •   You are not allowed to bring in aclosths iron, heater or an electric blanket to avoid a fire.

  •   The legal smoking /drinking age is 20 years old in Japan.

  •   No smoking allowed in the dormitory and in the resident premises.

  •   Please follow the dormitory reguations and managers' instructions.

  • 8.About Camera Security

  •   Advance notice nust be requied when you stay out overnight and do part-time job.

  •   the front door locks automatically.

  •   Survellance cameras are installed.

  •   Managers keep unwanted people out of dorms.

  •   Inquires are possible form school staff and families.