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ចំពោះនិស្សិតអន្ដរជាតិនៅក្នុងតំបន់ទីក្រុងតូក្យូ   2015-01-12 12:09:35

- The Dormitory for International Student - Application Guide and Description Book - The Dormitory for International Student - Application Guide and Description Book ..

Please apply for our dorms after you agree with this

"Application Guide and Description Book"

"Application must be foreign studnets, who study in Japan"

"Application must be foreign studnets, who study in Japan"


Fill out the application form and send it to us by fax or e-mail.

Contract Descriptions.

Long-term contract (more than 91 days)

Short-term contract (Less than 90 days)

. Contract term must be 91days-2years.

. Contract renewal is possible.(It costs renewal charge.)

. You can not enter on Sundays, National Holidays, Summer Holidays

  and Winter Holidays

. Date of expiry is the 24th fixed. Please leave the dorm by the 24th of

  every month,but it may be possible leaving the dorm at the end of

  the month if you wish. In that case you should contact us.However

  you must leave the dorm by the 24th in MARCH.

. April and May can not be the month of expiry.(Early termination is


. Contract term must be 30-90 days.

. Contract renewl for additonal 30-90 days.

. can not be done more than once.

. Early termination is not allowed

  (The balance may not be refunded)

. You cannot enter or leave on sundays

  National Holidays,Summer Holidays and

  Winter Holidays

. Time of entry is between 9:00AM-6:00PM.

. You can not ship your luggage before your entry date since your room is reserved from the contract start date.if

  you would like to ship you luggage, please specify the arrival date after the entry date.

. At the first day, students must NOT enter the dorm at midnight.Please arrive at your dorm by 6:00pm at the latest.

  if it is impossible,please stay at another accommodation on the first day.

. How to use the pick-up service.

  * Arrivel at Narita Airport: By a ticket of "Skyline"-> Call us for confirming arrival time at keisei Uneno station->Get

       on a train->Pick-up at Keisei Ueno Station (Our phone number :03-5295-0205 or 0120-953-423)

  * Arrival at Haneda Airport:Pick-up at Haneda Airport.

 - After picking up, you will come to our office before going to the dorm.But it may vary form situation to situation.

 - Please leave the route to the dorm to us.

 - we do not tell anyone whether students safely arrived at the dormitory or not.If someone such as parents,agent staff,

   and school staff would like to know it,please contact students individually.

 - We head to dorms by public transportation and taking a walking, If you have a lot of baggage to carry by yourseft,

   please ship your suicase from the airport to the dorm by parcel delivery service.(it costs 2,000 JPY to ship a baggage

   and it arrives on the next day of the shipping date. * You can not recevie your package on Sundays and National

   holidays because the mana ger's office in closed.

 - If you cannot find a staff to pick you up, call our office first.Do not leave where you are by yourself.

  * You might be forced to wait dpending on the flight schedule or the number of studnets, so it takes longer than going

  by yourseft. Considering students' exhaustion, we recommend students moving by yourseft if possible.The person

   who does not speak Japanese, Please use our pick-up service or have someone who speaks Japanese accompanies

   you as much as possible.Managers speak Japanese only.