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ប្រវត្តិសង្ខេបអំពី អន្តេវាសិកដ្ឋានរបស់ខ្យូរីតធ្យុអន្ដរជាតិ

Kyritsu International Foundation was established in November, 1995. We support students from Asian countries.Our major business activities are:
1.To provide scholarships
2.To organize home stay tours, and
3.To provide low-cost international dormitories and cultural exchange events.


Q : What are the conditions to apply for "Gakusshu-Shorel Ryo"?

A : Students who are loder than 16-years-old with foreign nationalities that have comppleted the middle school can enter" Gakushu-Shorel Ryo".

Q : What is an "entrance fee"?

A : It is a "Thank-you-pay" to the building owner, and itis called as "Reikn," which is one of the Japanese formalities of lease contract. It is not refunded once the payment is done.

Q : What are the required documents for signing a contaract? And where do I go?

A : Contract signing is done at the office fo kyoritsu International Foundation located in Ochanomizu.Please bring your passport, student ID or letter of acceptance, resident card or alien registration card (*unnecessary for short-term) contract) , and two pieces of ID pictures.

Q : Are there specific days that have no meal service?

A : Yes, there are Meal service is not given on Sundays , National holidays, 6days during Summer holidays, 6 days during New Year holidays, Spring holidays, (3/25-3/31) , The 5th Saturdays, and the training days for dorm staff. * It may vary depending on dorms.

Q : What if I will be late for curfew?

A : A Delay for curfew is not permitted uniess you are in an unavoidable situation, such as transportation delay and accident, and it is manadatory to contact the dorm manager about delay as early as possible. Delay due to negligence(i-e.socializing outside for hours without checking time) in not permitted

Recommendation of dorm visit

We highly recommend you to visit at least one dorm before applying and signing a contract.Dorm visitation will help you a lot of check how long it takes from the school you will go, and if the dorm you would like to apply is colse or not to your imagination by taking a look at the exterior and all the facilitie. you can visit dorms between 9AM-6PM on Mondays - Sat-urdays (excep Sundays and national holidays). Please give us a call whenever you get a chance.